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How Does BIM Benefit Manufacturers?

Building Products Manufacturers (BPMs) and Fabricators that adopt, adapt and innovate will have the competitive advantage in the digital world we now live in. They are essential to helping improve the quality, cost and performance of our buildings. Here are some ways BIM can benefits BPMs:

Continually Improve Your Product

Continually Improve Your Product

Better product information, analysis and insight

When your product is in BIM, you gain valuable insight into the performance of your product over time. Armed with that knowledge, you are able to continually improve your products and processes.

Get Your Product Specified Early

Get Your Product Specified Early

More than just getting specified, get it specified early

By easily providing the geometrical and performance data at the level of detail that designers need, your product will likely be selected for inclusion in the model in the early stages. The earlier your product is specified, the less chance there is of errors further down the workflow.

Win More Bids

Win More Bids

Gain the competitive advantage

By easily providing the data that construction teams need for specifications and compliance, such as "photometric" or "energy efficiency rating", you position your product to be the preferred choice in the procurement process. 

Increase Maintenance and Spare Parts Sales

Increase Maintenance and Spare Parts Sales

Beyond the initial procurement, drive sales down the line

It's one thing to have your product selected and purchased, but what about maintenance and spare parts? Having your models in BIM, with product information easily accessible, will drive increased ongoing sales.

Market Intelligence Feedback

Market Intelligence Feedback

Knowledge is power

With BIM integration, you will know who has been purchasing and installing your products. This valuable knowledge will help you generate more sales and focus your marketing efforts.

3 Steps You Need to Go BIM

If you want to bring your company into the future and benefit from the changes happening in the industry, then you have to move towards BIM. Here are the 3 main steps you need to take:


Once you've identified the product lines that need to be BIM enabled, you need to transform them into smart data.


You need to consistently structure your data so that it can be easily found in your data library and exported.


Your data, including relationships between products and properties, needs to be shareable across multiple software platforms, languages and formats.

Work with an organization that can give you maximum expertise and support, not only during the process, but in to the future.

The Redcage Advantage

Whether you have an authorized Autodesk reseller or not, consider Redcage. Switching to us is easy.
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Get the Right Training

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Where Redcage Comes In

Whether you're just exploring a move to BIM, or are wanting to advance your BIM capacity, we offer the services, training, support and guidance you need every step of the way.

We are an Autodesk Authorized Reseller for Canada, and have helped many companies successfully make the transition from 2D to 3D to BIM. We believe in the efficiency of BIM for our clients, and have a vision for Canada to be recognized as a world leader in the integration of BIM and manufacturing technologies.

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