5 Technical Tips for Autodesk Industry Collections

5 Technical Tips for Autodesk Industry Collections

Paul Bardati highlights 5 tips to help you with the switch to Collections.

5 Technical Tips for Autodesk Industry Collections

With the recent launch of Autodesk Industry Collections, there are some important technical tips that you need to be aware of.

TIP #1
All applications within a Collection will use the same serial number. The current release will use the same product key for all applications – in the case of AEC Collection, the 2017 product key is 02HI1. Here are some of the more common applications and their product keys:
Revit 2016 829H1
Revit 2015 829G1
Revit 2014 829F1
AutoCAD 2016 001H1
AutoCAD 2015 001G1
AutoCAD 2014 001F1
Navisworks Manage 2016 507H1
Navisworks Manage 2015 507G1
Navisworks Manage 2014 507F1
Civil 3D 2016 237H1
Civil 3D 2015 237G1
Civil 3D 2014 237F1
3ds Max 2016 128H1
3ds Max 2015 128G1
3ds Max 2014 128F1

TIP #2
Previous version requests are a bit involved. In order to access the previous version(s) (2016, 2015, and/or 2014) you must request it via your Autodesk Account portal. Requests are per application, per version. Redcage can help you with this if you have multiple applications / versions that you require – just drop us a line.

TIP #3
Hard copy media is dealt with individually as well. Gone are the days of Building Design Suite where you could get a large capacity USB stick with everything on it. Everything is now issued per application. As your authorized Autodesk reseller in Canada, Redcage can order you the current version (2017) at no charge to you but if you order it or need hard copy media on a previous version, it will cost you US$30 per application. Hard copy media can also be ordered via your Autodesk Account.

TIP #4
Separate installations are required for every different application you wish to install from the Collection. You can contact our Autodesk support team to help you further.

TIP #5
If you are coming from a Building Design Suite and going to an AEC Collection, the applications from the Building Design Suite have to be removed if it’s an older version (2016 and older). Version 2017 has the ability to jump applications (the product key is accessible when you change the serial number).

We hope this insight will be helpful to you as you move into Collections. As always, Redcage is always here to offer a helping hand – just give us a call!

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