Shelling Parts in Autodesk Inventor 2020
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Shelling Parts in Autodesk Inventor 2020

Find out how to shell objects in different shelling environments in this video. 


James Alger, a Manufacturing Technical Specialist at Redcage takes you through different shelling environments with a sample pipe, a watering can and a 'multi-bodied solids' chest.


With the sample pipe, a standard shelling is needed since no changes will be made to the thickness.

If upon selection of the shell command, it shows a red ghosted image, it indicates that it is possible to create a shell.

Most often, if it does not change color, it is because of a Fillet.

To solve this, go to your features and roll it back by moving the end of the marker up.

In the case of the pipe, simply remove the faces after selecting the shell command and it creates a beautiful shell for you.

Plastic Watering Can

In this particular case, let’s assume we want to strengthen the bottom of the watering can so it can withstand the weight of water.

First off, click on the shell command and remove the faces.

To add unique thickness, click on the double arrows (near the CANCEL button), assign the preferred thickness and select the faces you wish to strengthen.

Multi-bodied Solids Chest

Multi-bodied solids are a little different because you can have multiple shells within one part.

You can temporarily turn off one or two of your solid bodies so it is easier to work on the bodies you wish to shell.

When working with solids, a new option would appear in the shell command which gives you the ability to select which solids would participate in the shelling.

Follow the process of removing faces and changing thickness just as you would to the pipe and watering can above and you should have a shell of your multi-bodied solids chest.

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