Graitec Redcage Acquisition

Graitec Redcage Acquisition - Customer FAQs

Redcage joined Graitec, a strong international BIM player, on February 18th. This document aims at answering any questions you might have.

Graitec Redcage Acquisition


When will the acquisition take effect?

The change is effective immediately – Redcage is now a 100% owned subsidiary of Graitec.

Who is Graitec?

GRAITEC is a BIM software company supporting its customers to digitize their processes especially in the Architectural, Engineering Construction and Manufacturing space.

Graitec has developed a unique positioning in the market by being a software editor and by reselling Autodesk software, the global undisputed BIM leader. 

Graitec has a strong R&D DNA, for instance Graitec is the former developer of Advance Steel that was purchased by Autodesk 7 years ago.

Graitec is now an international Group operating in more than 20 countries with a truly international management team.

Why did Redcage join Graitec?

We are all excited by the joint collaboration of two incredible teams that will create tremendous value for our customers! Indeed Graitec’s products perfectly complement the ones already offered by Redcage.

The acquisition of Redcage further strengthens Graitec’s position in North America supporting customers across the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries.

Can you tell me a bit more about Graitec’s products?

Graitec’s strong R&D team develops complementary solutions to Autodesk products.

The offering is articulated around 4 pillars to support Graitec’s clients:

CREATE data-rich models enabling the best possible design decisions with Graitec PowerPacks (plugins to accelerate the design process in Autodesk software):

➔  Graitec PowerPack for Revit

➔  Graitec Powerpack for Inventor

➔  Graitec PowerPack for Vault

➔  Graitec PowerPack for Advance Steel

SIMULATE their behavior to make them perform better with Advance Design simulation tool on structural and thermal behavior.

FABRICATE as automatically as possible, driving down costs with Advance Workshop Steel Fabrication Management Information System designed to give steel fabricators complete control over all stages of production.

MANAGE data all along the process with Opentree data management platform acting as the single source of truth.

Further information on all Graitec software applications can be found HERE.

As a customer what benefits will I get as a result of the acquisition?

Through the additional resources made available by combining Redcage and Graitec, you will gain access to a considerable portfolio of additional technical services and products to enhance your design workflows.

Benefits include industry specific Graitec software, additional training centres, Graitec PowerPacks, technical consulting and custom software development.

What will happen to my licences / subscriptions?

You can use all your licences / subscriptions as before. The management and support of your licences will still be delivered by Redcage (as a division of Graitec inc).

For Autodesk subscriptions, you may see your supporting reseller change to Graitec on your Autodesk Account and email notifications now coming from

Over the next 12 months, all Redcage staff, customer software assets and branding will be transitioned to Graitec inc.

We will of course keep you updated as any changes occur.

I have recently placed an order with Redcage, will this be fulfilled?

Yes, all existing orders will be fulfilled as agreed by Redcage.

I have a current quote from Redcage - is it still valid?

Yes, your quote is still valid and, if you proceed with an order, it will be processed by Redcage as usual.

Do I need to update my licence records on my Autodesk account to reflect this change?

No – your subscriptions will continue to operate as normal (they will shortly be updated to show Graitec as your supporting reseller).

Do I need to update any payment details for Redcage?

For all purchases going forward, please use the payment instructions provided on corresponding proforma invoices (for cash sales) or full invoices (for credit accounts).

Who do I contact if I need assistance or have any questions?

Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Alternatively you can call us on 1.888.249.4481 or email:

Kevin Degabriele for Manufacturing

Paul Bardati for AEC

GRAITEC ACQUIRES REDCAGE (CANADA) – A leading Canadian BIM and Manufacturing partner

GRAITEC ACQUIRES REDCAGE (CANADA) – A leading Canadian BIM and Manufacturing partner

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