Project Sync in Autodesk Vault Professional 2020
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Choose a secure way to selectively share your data with external teams with Vault's Project Sync.


Autodesk Vault 2020 continues to improve design collaboration with project sync in Vault Professional. Direct in response to your feedback through the Autodesk community.

Working with our Vault customers who manufacture custom building products around the globe, we see more and more projects that require design collaboration outside your company’s firewall.

New in Vault Professional is Project Sync, a secure way to share just the data that you choose between Vault and BIM 360.

Autodesk Vault is purpose built to help our customers efficiently manage their engineering data, improve collaboration within their teams and take control of the design development process.

BIM 360 is an online platform connecting your project team and data in real time from design through construction supporting informed decision making throughout the project life cycle.

Eliminate file sharing by email, eliminate the need to upload or download files from an FTP site and reduce the opportunity for errors in transmission.

Now your relevant transmission data is synced between Vault and BIM 360.

Upload from Vault to BIM 360, download from BIM 360 to Vault or set up specific folders to sync in both directions without the need for user interaction.

As the project administrator, you can control on a project-by-project basis which data should be pulled from BIM 360 to Vault, pushed from Vault to BIM 360 or synced in both directions.

To be clear, it’s not all data, just the data that you choose will be synced with full permission control.

Streamline collaboration by securely syncing selective data to your extended project teams with Autodesk Vault Professional and Project Sync.

Autodesk Vault 2020, continues to build on your feedback from Autodesk ideas, forums and beta community with these usability improvements.

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