Press Release: Graitec Acquires Redcage

GRAITEC ACQUIRES REDCAGE (CANADA) – A Leading Canadian BIM and Manufacturing Partner

GRAITEC ACQUIRES REDCAGE (CANADA) – A Leading Canadian BIM and Manufacturing Partner


The joint collaboration of two incredible teams will create tremendous value for our customers. 

Through the additional resources made available by combining Redcage and Graitec, our customers will gain access to a considerable portfolio of additional technical services and products to enhance their design workflows. 

Benefits include industry-specific Graitec software, additional training centres, Graitec PowerPacks, technical consulting, and custom software development. 

It's a great time to be (or become) a Redcage customer!

patient and detailed training

“Our team received 3dsMax training from Travis. He did a great job of training and was very patient and detailed in his execution. We’re excited to see where this is going to take us. Thank you, Redcage!”

Ben Prins Sales Manager, Active Playground Equipment Inc

multidisciplinary knowledge and training

They provide us with multidisciplinary knowledge and training for the individual software components.

John Hood Tidman SVP, NA Engineering Associates Inc.

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