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How to Use Contact Sets in Autodesk Inventor Professional

Learn how to add contact sets to an assembly and set limits on the motion.


James uses an air-hockey table to demonstrate a quick Inventor tip on Contact Sets.

Open your assembly and place in your parts.

In this demo, there is already a pre-built paddle, puck, and the hockey table itself.

Add your files and go into Properties to set the occurrence values to make sure everything is secured.

You can alternatively go into Productivity and use the Ground and Root option.

Add constraints to secure the parts to the table.

To add the parts to a Contact Set, select them all, right-click and add them to a Contact Set.

The little magnets icons you notice beside them indicate that they will be part of the set you have chosen.

At this stage, the parts can move around and out of the hockey board so you will need to turn on Contact Solver.

Go to Inspect > Interference > Activate Contact Solver.

The moment it is on, the edges will be detected and you have a workable air-hockey table.

In conclusion, always make sure you have some basic constraints to hold your parts in place, turn on Contact Set and turn on Contact Solver and you are good to go.

Enjoy the video!

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