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How to Troubleshoot Roof Overhang or Offset Issues

Understand your roof options! Learn how to troubleshoot your roof overhang or offset issues to make better more precise roofs.


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flexible in working within our availability

“Redcage has always been flexible in terms of setting dates and being able to come to our facility and do the training in-house. They were also flexible in working within our availability to schedule sessions and always able to assist us in seeking available government grants to support us in getting the necessary training. ”

Scott Macdonald VP, Studio Intersekt Inc.

developed a series of training sessions that were geared specifically to our firm


Redcage developed a series of training sessions that were geared specifically to our firm and where we were at. They have helped us through that process and I think that we are more productive than we were a few months back, before we had the training.

Ted Handy - Architect, Ted Handy and Associates

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Emily Modderman is a BIM Application Specialist here at Redcage. Prior to joining our team, she worked in the commercial architecture industry as a drafter and CAD manager. Emily is a genius when it comes to all things Revit and has a unique ability to teach complex information in a way that brings quick understanding. Having trained countless companies and individuals, she is well-equipped to help you master Revit software.

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