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Co-Author Shared Revit Models and Coordinate Deliverables with BIM 360 Design

By standardizing your Revit collaboration projects on BIM 360 Design® you provide secure access to users with multiple permissions levels that you control.


If you're still relying on email, FTP sites, or office sharing apps for BIM collaboration, you're losing more time and money than you know.

Autodesk BIM 360 Design, built on the BIM 360 Cloud Platform, allows Revit collaboration any time, anywhere with minimal IT effort.

Your entire design team can effectively communicate on multi-discipline projects by simply activating Design Collaboration and Document Management Services in a few clicks.

By standardizing your Revit collaboration projects on BIM 360 Design you provide secure access to all types of users with multiple permissions levels that you control. Whether it's Team level, User level, or Folder level access.

Avoid unintentionally sharing work-in-progress data and control how models are developed and exchanged to reduce rework and errors.

Project members can take advantage of AEC specific review and markup tools to verify, qualify and identify issues within the design.

If design issues are discovered, BIM 360 Design's Issue Management tools allow you to pinpoint the problem within the design and assign it to a team member to resolve complete with an expected due date.

This level of accountability and transparency greatly enhances communication to keep the project moving.

BIM 360 Design is the only solution on the market that allows multiple designers to concurrently alter Revit models in the cloud on the BIM 360 Platform.

If you need to request access to a portion of a design that another user owns, BIM 360 Design's cloud sharing tools will alert your team mate and even provide a preview of the design elements that you want to borrow.

Once you've been granted access, you can modify the design to help resolve issues that have been assigned to you.

When the time is right to share your design revisions with the extended team so they can reference your design in their own Revit models, you can use BIM 360 Design's Collaboration module to curate and share design packages.

BIM 360 Design does the rest by sending an alert to any team that you've granted permission to view your files.

Upon receiving the alert, team members can explore the design to see how the latest version of your design has changed.

To speed up design review, BIM 360 Design's Change Visualization tools will highlight anything within the latest design that has been deleted or modified, it even shows new additions to the design as well.

With this insight, your extended team can update their reference models knowing that they have access to the latest versions of your designs.

Reduce friction from non-AEC collaboration solutions.

For the best ROI, standardize your collaboration tool investment with a Revit specific solution: BIM360 Design.

BIM 360 Design

Learn more about BIM360 Design by calling us on 1.888.249.4481 or completing the contact form. Whether for a free trial, purchase, questions about integration and implementation, we're here to help.

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