Autodesk Outcomes-Based Customer Journeys

Autodesk Outcomes-Based Customer Journeys

Watch this video to see how we’re delivering customer success at scale through outcomes-based journeys. Learn what it means for a customer to be on a journey and the different engagements – digital and human – a customer experiences throughout their lifecycle with Autodesk.


Our customers grow and thrive when their business goals are achieved.

They often realize their desired business outcomes.

Autodesk supports customers throughout their entire life-cycle.

Autodesk, with the help of our partners is leading the way and personalized and memorable customer experiences.

Our intentional orchestration of digital and human engagement, not only helps customers, big and small to successfully use our software.

It also helps build fulfilling and long lasting relationships.

To better understand our new approach, let’s follow a portion of a customer’s unique journey.

To begin, Joe finds it easy to determine which Autodesk solution fits his needs and how to find an authorized Autodesk reseller.

As Joe is exploring the solutions that help him meet his needs, we are collecting insights to better understand what he cares about.

Once subscribed, Joe receives a warm welcome with communications tailored to provide him all the information needed to get him and his entire team up and running, including download, activation and installation instructions.

And when he had a question about naming his users so that they too could receive a more personalized experience along their journey, he was able to get support quickly from Eva.

Throughout the year, we continue to deepen our relationship with Joe, helping him get greater value from his subscription by notifying him when there were new capabilities they he’d enjoy, and information on how to master those capabilities by inviting him to explore curated learning resources tailored for him.

And when data showed us, that compared to others he seemed to be tracking below average in product use, a customer success specialist, together with Joe’s reseller, proactively reach out to provide him a helping hand.

With the help of the product support team, we are able to get him back on track on his journey.

When it was time to renew, Joe received a heads up via email and within the product which ensured he not only had uninterrupted access to his software but he was aware of all his renewal options and his reseller information.

Through our intentional journey engagement with Joe, we continuously gather information that informs how we can provide him the best experience possible, from the moment he is considering Autodesk products to the moment he renews.

All along his journey, Joe knew Autodesk and his reseller were there for him every step of the way so that his company could achieve their desired business outcomes.

It is relentless focus on his success that wins us his loyalty, year after year.

Learn more about what we are doing to create these amazing journeys for Joe and other customers by contacting your us.

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