Key Features of Autodesk Licensing Changes – Part 1: Perpetual to Term

Part 1 of 4 in a series that summarizes the key features you need to know regarding licensing changes.

Key Features of Autodesk Licensing Changes - Perpetual to Term

A lot has changed with Autodesk licensing in the last year. Perpetual licensing is no longer being sold, but still maintained as long as you keep renewing it on time. With term-based subscriptions you have access to the latest and greatest products, just like the old maintenance for perpetual licenses. We still have options for Single-user (similar to a standalone but limited to one named user) and Multi-user (similar to the old network license), the general usage of the product remains unchanged, but the access to the license has changed. Multi-user licenses act just like the network licenses, as such, it only needs to be connected to the internet once to activate it. The Single-User license is not the same, it requires an internet Connection once every 30 days to keep the license working.

The suites have also been replaced by collections, which just like suites gives you access to multiple products. It is a little different then suites, there are no levels like Standard, Premium, or Ultimate anymore, just access to the products that you choose to install from the Industry that you belong to.

The following desktop software and cloud services are available in the industry collections:

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection (AEC Collection)
• AutoCAD Architecture
• AutoCAD Civil 3D
• AutoCAD Plant 3D
• Navisworks Manage
Product Design Collection
Inventor Professional
• AutoCAD Electrical
• AutoCAD Mechanical
• Navisworks Manage
Vault Basic
Media and Entertainment Collection (M&E Collection)
• Maya
• Mudbox
• 3DS Max

The products listed are no all of the products available, these are just a sample of what is in each collection. Single-user and Multi-user License are available for individual products or with the collections.

Information about Perpetual Licenses
Previously purchased perpetual licenses remain valid and are not impacted by Autodesk’s change to a subscription-based model. If you upgrade the License to a Subscription Model (check in after October 2016 to see what trade-ins are allowed), then it will no longer be valid.

Installation and Activation have not changed you can install and activate your perpetual license software on new computers. It’s recommended that you record your serial number and save a backup copy of your software installation files, in case you need to install it again.

Maintenance Plans
The end-of-sale of perpetual licenses only impacts the ability to purchase new perpetual licenses with a maintenance plan. If you currently have a maintenance plan, you will continue enjoying the benefits of maintenance as long as you continue to renew. You can only renew your maintenance plans for previously purchased perpetual licenses. No new perpetual licenses may be added to new or existing maintenance plans.

If your maintenance plan expires you can continue using your perpetual licenses. However, you will lose maintenance benefits such as updates, access to previous versions, flexible license rights, and access to select cloud services.

Subscription Lengths
One of the more common questions that we get is about what is available for the single-user vs the multi-user licenses. Single-user licenses can vary from 1 month – to 3 years, while the Multi-user licenses are 1, 2, or 3 years.  Let’s take a look at the availability:

Single-User License Terms (ONE user – not shared)
Monthly – most expensive but good for unpredictable situations.
Quarterly (3 months) – good for short projects or summer hires.
1 year – good if you know you will be busy for the next year
2 years – good price – great when you have a stable market.
3 years – best price – great when you have long projects or always use the software.

Multi-User License Terms (Uses the network license manager – Licenses are shared)
1 year – highest cost – good for shorter term projects.
2 years – good price – great when you have a stable market.
3 years – best price – great when you have long projects or always use the software.

Note: Not all products share this exact model please inquire to see if the product you’re interested in fits the normal model.

For more information, please feel free to contact us or to keep checking out the other licensing documents (4 part series):
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