Key Features of Autodesk Licensing Changes – Part 4: Industry Collections

Part 4 of 4 in a series that summarizes the key features you need to know regarding licensing changes.

Key Features of Autodesk Licensing Changes - Industry Collections

Industry Collections

Industry Collections are the replacement for Suites. It is a group of products that you can use with one license, but there are some differences. In this document we will take a look at Collections, how they are different, how they are the same and any pain points that may come up when switching over to them (only after October 2016 for some products).

Before we dive in, it’s good to know what is included in each of the 3 Industry Collections:

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection (AEC Collection)
• AutoCAD Architecture
• AutoCAD Electrical
• AutoCAD P&ID
• AutoCAD Civil 3D
• AutoCAD Map 3D
• AutoCAD Plant 3D
• AutoCAD Raster Design
• AutoCAD Utility Design
• 3DS Max
• AutoCAD 360 pro
• Formit 360
• Infraworks 360
• Insight 360
• Navisworks Manage
• Recap 360
• Structural Analysis for Revit
• Vehicle Tracking

Product Design Collection
• Inventor Professional
• AutoCAD
• AutoCAD Architecture
• AutoCAD Electrical
• AutoCAD Mechanical
• 3DS Max
• AutoCAD 360 pro
• Factory Design Utilities
• Fusion 360
• Navisworks Manage
• Recap 360
• Vault Basic

Media and Entertainment Collection (M&E Collection)
• Maya
• Mudbox
• 3DS Max
• Recap 360
• Motion Builder
• Character Generator

Now that that’s done let’s see what is the same…
The Collection is purchased as one product and to activate it you use one serial number and product key (for the current release…more on that later). You gain access to multiple products, and you pick the collection that has the products you use. So far you can see that it is almost the same, so what are the differences?

The major difference is that there is NO prepackaged download. This means that you select every product that you want from your collection one at a time. This might lead to some pain points which we’ll look at later. However, this works well for clients who only want to install a few products from the collection.
The other difference is there are no levels (Standard, Premium, or Ultimate). If you have Inventor from the Product Design collection it will be Inventor Pro, if you have Navisworks from the AEC Collection then you Navisworks Manage. There is no confusion about what you own!

Potential Pain Points
Aside from having to download every product individually and then install every product individually, the only other potential pain point is regarding previous versions. Currently you can’t request a previous version for the entire collection, you have to do so product by product, release by release. This can be remedied by sending us the list of products that you want on what release.
Although it’s a pain for some things it can be good if you just need Revit or Inventor on an early version since it takes less time to process and there is no confusion about the level of the product either. The other nice thing is once the request is processed you gain access to the download. Simply use the current Collection’s serial number with the product key from the product you want to install.

For a quick summary, Collections are groups of products that are downloaded and installed separately, but they use the same license. When you pick an industry, you gain access to all the tools in that Collection and there are no levels. Currently, if you need previous versions and would like us to help, don’t forget to send in the product and the version (year) that you need access to.

Listed below are the main product keys for Collections including product keys for previous versions:

Product Design Collection 2017
Product Key: 02JI1

*Note the product key for the Collection has not been working on all installations of 2017

Inventor Pro 2017                                     Product Key: 797I1

Inventor Pro 2016                                            Product Key: 797H1

Inventor Pro 2015                                            Product Key: 797G1

Inventor Pro 2014                                            Product Key: 797F1

AutoCAD 2017                                            Product Key: 001I1

AutoCAD 2016                                                  Product Key: 001H1

AutoCAD 2015                                                  Product Key: 001G1

AutoCAD 2014                                                 Product Key: 001F1

AutoCAD Architecture 2017                 Product Key: 185I1

AutoCAD Architecture 2016                         Product Key: 185H1

AutoCAD Architecture 2015                         Product Key: 185G1

AutoCAD Architecture 2014                         Product Key: 185F1

AutoCAD Mechanical 2017                   Product Key: 206I1

AutoCAD Mechanical 2016                           Product Key: 206H1

AutoCAD Mechanical 2015                           Product Key: 206G1

AutoCAD Mechanical 2014                           Product Key: 206F1

AutoCAD Electrical 2017                       Product Key: 225I1

AutoCAD Electrical 2016                                Product Key: 225H1

AutoCAD Electrical 2015                                Product Key: 225G1

AutoCAD Electrical 2014                                Product Key: 225F1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2017               Product Key: 340I1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2016                        Product Key: 340H1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2015                        Product Key: 340G1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2014                        Product Key: 340F1

Navisworks Manage 2017                      Product Key: 507I1

Navisworks Manage 2016                              Product Key: 507H1

Navisworks Manage 2015                              Product Key: 507G1

Navisworks Manage 2014                              Product Key: 507F1

3ds Max 2017                                             Product Key: 128I1

3ds Max 2016                                                    Product Key: 128H1

3ds Max 2015                                                    Product Key: 128G1

3ds Max 2014                                                    Product Key: 128F1


AEC Design Collection 2017
Product Key: 02HI1

Revit 2017                                                  Product Key: 829I1

Revit 2016                                                       Product Key: 829H1

Revit 2015                                                       Product Key: 829G1

Revit 2014                                                       Product Key: 829F1

AutoCAD MEP 2017                               Product Key: 235I1

AutoCAD MEP 2016                                     Product Key: 235H1

AutoCAD MEP 2015                                     Product Key: 235G1

AutoCAD MEP 2014                                     Product Key: 235F1

AutoCAD P&ID 2017                             Product Key: 448I1

AutoCAD P&ID 2016                                    Product Key: 448H1

AutoCAD P&ID 2015                                    Product Key: 448G1

AutoCAD P&ID 2014                                    Product Key: 448F1

AutoCAD Utility Design 2017             Product Key: 213I1

AutoCAD Utility Design 2016                     Product Key: 213H1

AutoCAD Utility Design 2015                     Product Key: 213G1

AutoCAD Utility Design 2014                     Product Key: 213F1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2017            Product Key: 340I1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2016                    Product Key: 340H1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2015                    Product Key: 340G1

AutoCAD Raster Design 2014                    Product Key: 340F1

Civil 3D 2017                                            Product Key: 237I1

Civil 3D 2016                                                 Product Key: 237H1

Civil 3D 2015                                                 Product Key: 237G1

Civil 3D 2014                                                 Product Key: 237F1

Plant 3D 2017                                          Product Key: 426I1

Plant 3D 2016                                                Product Key: 426H1

Plant 3D 2015                                                Product Key: 426G1

Plant 3D 2014                                                Product Key: 426F1

Infraworks 2017                                     Product Key: 927I1

Infraworks 2016                                            Product Key: 927H1

Infraworks 2015                                            Product Key: 927G1

Infraworks 2014                                            Product Key: 927F1

Vehicle Tracking 2017                          Product Key: 955I1

Vehicle Tracking 2016                                  Product Key: 955H1

Vehicle Tracking 2015                                  Product Key: 955G1

Vehicle Tracking 2014                                  Product Key: 955F1

*Note for AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, Navisworks Manage, AutoCAD Raster Design and 3DS Max see the Product keys listed in the Product Design Collection, they are the same. 

This concludes the Industry Collections portion of the licensing document. If you have more questions about licensing please feel free to contact us or to keep checking out the other licensing documents (4 part series):

Part 1: From Perpetual to Term
Part 2: User Accounts
Part 3: Admin Accounts

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