Key Features of Autodesk Licensing Changes – Part 3: Admin Accounts

Part 3 of 4 in a series that summarizes the key features you need to know regarding licensing changes.

Key Features of Autodesk Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts

Autodesk Accounts for Admins
In this document we will take a look at the other 4 selections in Autodesk Accounts. Reporting is accessible by everyone; Devices and Users are accessible by Software Coordinators and Contract Admins. The Contracts and Billing selection is only accessible by the Contract Admin.

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 1 Reporting
Reporting shows the current cloud credit usage, depending on your user level you will see different things. However, all users will be able to see their personal cloud credit usage, and any contracts that they were granted use of. The Software Coordinators and the Contract Admin can see usage for all users, and all of the contracts.

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 2

If you need more cloud credits you can buy more here (using get cloud credits), or you can contact us and we can get them for you.  Each contract will show the number of people consuming the credits and the total number of cloud credits. (I have grayed out this information in this screenshot since it contains our reseller info.)

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 3 Devices
The Devices tab shows all of the computers, tablets, or phones that are using products from the Products & Services tab. Not only do you see the asset name, but you can see when it was last updated, who logged in last, and you can see the current status of the machine.

Note: If the devices are not connected to the internet then you will see “Offline” and an out of date marker which means it has been over 30 days since the last check in (it could also mean the device was decommissioned, had the software removed, or that it was interrupted before it finished updating its status).

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 4

There are options for each device as well – to rename it, add a description, or change its default access to products and updates.

You can also export a list that shows every computer that the software was installed on.


Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 6 Users
The Users selection is the most important one, this is the location where you can assign access to products and services on a user-by-user basis. It is accessible by Contract Admins and Software Coordinators and is extremely important to assign a product when using a term-based license. Assigning the product or service allows the user to log in with their Autodesk Account and use the software. It can also grant the user permission to download and install the software.

NOTE: For the old perpetual licenses and for the multi-user licenses adding a user allows the person to download the product or products that were assigned to them. On the single-user term-based subscriptions, adding a user is critical otherwise the license cannot be used.

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 7

If you are the Contract Admin, you can also assign a Software Coordinator for each contract here. Select Manage Software Coordinators to promote a user to a position where they can manage a license for you. Keep in mind that a Software Coordinator cannot view or change the contract, but they can manage users and installs.

Descriptions for the Red and Green marks:

The red circle shows where to add new users. It requires some basic information about the user – first name, last name, and their email address. You can add users one at a time or add a group all at once. Keep in mind that the system takes a while to process – it can take up to 1 hour up to a few days (if it’s a holiday) for the new users to show up. If a user cannot be added because they are already in the system (you added them previously and they’re not displaying), please contact us or Autodesk so the error can be corrected.
On the right, is the dialog box you will see when adding users.

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 8

The green circle shows where to edit access. All you need to do is flag (add a check-mark to) any product or services that you want to allow the user to access. Can’t see the services? All you need to do is find the contract number and expand it, from there you can assign phone support (if applicable), and cloud-based services.

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 9

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 10 Billing & Orders (Contracts)
The Billing & Orders selection allows the Contract Admin to see all of the contracts that they have with Autodesk. You may have one contract or multiple contracts that show up here depending on what you own. From here you can see when the contract expires, the contract number (grayed out in the screenshot below) and the length of the contract.

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 11

If you want to see additional information on the contract you can select “See Details”.

In the details you can see cloud credits, products on that contract when they expire, and the company information* that the contract is currently tied to.
*It’s important to let us know if your company’s name has changed.

Licensing Changes - Admin Accounts 12

This concludes the look at the 4 selections for Admins in your Autodesk Account. If you have more questions about licensing please feel free to contact us or to keep checking out the other licensing documents (4 part series):

Part 1: From Perpetual to Term
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