Built for BIM with Features for Architectural Design, MEP, Structural Engineering, and Construction

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About Revit - Design & Construction Software

Revit® software is specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), including features for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering, and construction.

autodesk revit - more speed, more power


Boost your personal project performance. New behind-the-scenes optimizations and improvements to over 100 functions help Revit keep up with you, even with large, complex models.

With usability improvements and settings designed to be easier to understand and learn for both new and experienced users, Revit helps you model more efficiently.

revit autodesk - more from your model


Create models that even more accurately and completely represent what will be built. Use new project-wide parameters to help encode and capture your design intent.

Model projects of any size and complexity—including the higher level of detail needed for downstream fabrication and building.

revit 3d - data sharing


Elevate your communication capabilities with improved data sharing—including IFC4 support. Extend BIM workflows outside of Revit.

Share data within Revit more efficiently with new Schedule view templates. And document the details more effectively with the text editor and text control you’ve been asking for.

More Power for Architecture, MEP and Structural Engineering, and Construction

Revit is a single software application that supports a BIM workflow from concept to construction. Use Revit to model designs with precision, optimize performance, and collaborate more effectively.

autodesk revit architecture


Visuals That Pop

Visualize every option of your design with greater east, speed and efficiency.
 Add pop and depth to elevation views with one click.

Autodesk Raytracer Rendering Engine

autodesk revit mep


Extend Design to Fabrication

Document fabrication elements within Revit. Automate the fabrication model layout and convert design level of detail model elements to fabrication level.

MEP Fabrication Documentation

revit autodesk structural engineers


Detail Structural Elements

Connect design and detailing workflows.
Improve level of detail and better connect steel design to detailing workflows.

Graphical Rebar Constraints Manager

The Redcage Advantage

Whether you have an authorized Autodesk reseller or not, consider Redcage. Switching to us is easy.
We are all about people first, product second. Choose Redcage to expand your BIM capacity.

Get the Right Software

Purchase your Autodesk software through Redcage and get advanced benefits at no extra cost.

Get advice on which BIM design software products are best for your company.

Get the Right Training

Get AECOO software training where your users are knowledgeable and confident to apply it effectively on your projects.

Get on-site and off-site, truly customized training.

Get the Right Support

Have your BIM technology implemented correctly from the start.

Receive the kind of personal, on-demand, support that gives you the assurance you deserve.

Peter Hendershott President, Edgewood Inc.

helping us secure software, training and countless other things

We've got a good relationship with Redcage. They've been there since day one helping us secure software, training and countless other things.

Choose Which Revit Subscription is Best for You

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Get all your essential BIM design software tools, together, in one convenient collection and at a very attractive price - including Autodesk Revit. Subscribe to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) Collection for a single- or multi-user; and monthly, quarterly or annually.


Although there is much more value in subscribing to the AEC Collection, you can subscribe individually to Revit. Contact us to get started.

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Switching to subscription is easy and gives you significantly more value than your old perpetual license. Learn more about the benefits of subscription and contact us for a quote today.

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Subscribing to Autodesk products is the most flexible and cost-effective way to access and manage your design and engineering software tools.

Who is Redcage?

Redcage is an authorized Autodesk partner and reseller for Canada, and the first one with MEP specialization. We are a team of people who eat, sleep, and breathe client-centred service.

We exist to help you unpack the rich power of your BIM software in a way that works within your unique environment, and produces the quality results you need in the fastest turnaround time.

Wayne Whiteduck Senior CADD/REVIT Designer

extensive understanding of Revit and BIM processes

The feedback that I am receiving from all of my trainees and their managers is extremely positive. Bill Wright is very professional with his extensive understanding of Revit and BIM processes are evident with his teachings. We look forward to our ongoing engagements with Redcage and the success it brings. Thanks again guys!

Paolo Lijoi CAD/BIM Detailer

their teaching methods allowed for a smooth transition to the software

Paul, Cameron and Bill came to our office to assist us in receiving grants for our Revit Fabrication training requirements. Their Revit knowledge base is extensive and their teaching methods allowed for a smooth transition to the software.

Peter Hendershott President, Edgewood Inc.

answering any questions we have when it comes to BIM

One of the big things that we utilize Redcage for is answering any questions we have when it comes to BIM.

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