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Advanced BIM Training

Redcage provides advanced BIM training to help you become more efficient by utilizing BIM processes and standards.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a newer approach to design, construction, and facilities management of buildings.

Many confuse BIM as a piece of software, however BIM is a broad business process change for the building industry.  

Although the BIM process involves the use of various software applications, it is not solely based on software. Replacing a 2D computer-aided drafting (CAD) environment with BIM involves far more than acquiring software and receiving basic training on one specific software.

The transition to BIM is not a natural progression from CAD. It involves a paradigm shift from drawing to modeling, and it facilitates – and is facilitated by – a concurrent shift from traditional competitive project delivery to more collaborative practices in design and construction.

Effective use of BIM requires that changes be made to almost every aspect of the firm’s business. 

When implemented properly, BIM facilitates a more integrated design and construction process that results in better quality buildings at lower cost completed in reduced project duration and with less errors and risk.

Redcage Solutions is a value-added reseller that provides BIM solutions within the Architectural, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and Manufacturing industry.

We assist our clients in implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows and processes by providing the necessary training to ensure our client’s success.

Redcage trainers are graduates of Architectural Technologist programs and have years of extensive experience working within the AEC industry.

Redcage can custom tailor training to a firm’s specific needs due to our deep understanding of the building and construction process.

Redcage is also listed as an Autodesk Approved Service Provider.

  • Redcage is also listed as an Autodesk Approved Service Provider.

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Advanced Training BIM Objectives

Redcage provides BIM training to help improve your workflows and processes. Contact us for specifics related to you, your business and your team.

  • Become more efficient by utilizing a BIM process
  • Increase the amount of project design time to allow for even more time on details in their designs
  • Improve design coordination to reduce errors and omissions and improve contract administration
  • Improve drawing sets by reducing cumbersome aspects and refining clarity of information
  • Improve collaboration with other project stakeholders
  • Look for improvements on visualizations for client presentations and communications
  • Refine BIM Standards and capabilities
  • Get the entire design team more knowledgeable and productive with BIM
  • Define internal processes for working in a BIM environment
  • Define external processes for working in BIM with outside stakeholders


Scott Macdonald VP, Studio Intersekt Inc.

Redcage is key to to making that transition

The faster we can transition from an AutoCAD 2-Dimensional platform to a BIM environment will benefit, not only the firm, but our clients as well. Redcage is key to making that transition.

Laura-Lee Moran Associate, National Manager of BIM Services at MCW Consultants Ltd.

Bill’s teaching style makes trainees feel comfortable

Bill’s teaching style makes trainees feel comfortable, giving them the confidence they need to learn a complicated and tedious program. He has even adapted his training regime to fit our company’s customized content and always gives suggestions on how we can improve our BIM department.

Jeremy McMartin BIM Manager, Square Feet Design Group

an excellent companion to our evolving business

Redcage has been an excellent companion to our evolving business. We’ve been extremely impressed with their ability to support our team as we’ve adopted BIM over the last 4 years. As we continue to grow we’re thrilled to have Redcage by our side.

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