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Redcage Customer - Plexpack - packaging machinery solutions
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Redcage Customer - Prodomax - industrial engineering and automation
Redcage Customer - Turner Fleischer - Architects
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— Jeff Tremblett, Information Systems Manager, ZAS Architects Inc.

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With technology advancing so quickly, many in the building and manufacturing space are finding it difficult to keep up with the trends. After investing a lot of time and money in Autodesk products, they do not receive the service and support they desperately need to make the most of their purchase. Instead of technology helping them, it ends up hindering them. That is why Redcage exists. As a proven leader, we come alongside companies with our expertise to make sure that Autodesk products work for them in their unique environment.

Find out more about us and the kind of value you can expect...

Roger Martin Chervin Custom Woodworks, Inc.

"After comparing the services provided by several Autodesk resellers, we chose to work with Redcage Solutions. We were very satisfied with their willingness to match their services to the needs of our company. Redcage made our software upgrade quick, smooth and worry-free and minimized the down-time of our engineering department during the process!"

Jeff TremblettIS Manager,
ZAS Architects Inc

"Over the last decade our firm knew that it needed to migrate towards BIM technology in order to survive in an ever-increasingly competitive market... Paul’s knowledge of BIM, understanding of architecture workflows and professionalism has been instrumental in our firm’s successes with BIM to date."


After our initial free on-site meeting, we will help you accomplish your goals in 3 steps.

step 1 - discovery on-site meeting


We come to you and undertake a comprehensive discovery of your specific goals and requirements.

step 2 - custom proposal


We put together a clear proposal for you, one that has your goals in mind and expertly advises on the best route to take.

step 3 - plan execution


We work within your constraints in order to deliver on the plan and provide you with the followup support you need.

Senior Systems Admin,
Fusion Homes

"Redcage PROACTIVELY presented us with a proposal resulting in a significant annual savings allowing us to lock in pricing for the next 3 years. They took the time to understand our requirements and present a relevant solution meeting the needs of Fusion Homes." Fusion Homes, a six time winner of the Tarion Builder of the year award.

Voula Condarcuri Engineering Support
Canberra Co. Ltd.

"We have worked with Kevin and the Redcage team for over 12+ years now and are thrilled with the work and support we have received. They respond quickly when we require support, so quickly that we are surprised when we see them at our door the same day we call them because they happen to be in the area."


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